Tea Time!!

My family are avid drinkers, as are so many from Eastern cultures. As far back as I can remember, tea (chai) has been the cornerstone of our meals and gatherings, especially as an offering for guests.  I don’t recall a day where tea wasn’t part of the daily conversation when around the family.   A few years ago, my sisters and I were planning on opening a tea house in NYC. As part of planning for the business, I went to a huge Las Vegas tea convention and became certified in tea!  I learned about the different types of tea, how to steep it for maximum flavor, how tea is harvested, and how the tea market is growing, especially in the States.  We didn’t open the chai house for  a variety of reasons but I’ve been trying to incorporate tea as an offering at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar. In fact, I am going to expand the selection of teas and offer clients a selection of tea, presented in a bamboo tea box.   I’ve been drinking coffee lately, and while it gives me that temporary boost I need throughout the day, I don’t like the side effects such as my moods crashing, headaches and bloating. So the past few days, I’ve turned back to the comfort of tea and have chosen a tea that is relaxing and healthy.  Here’s to tea time!


tea box

photo 3 (2)

I love this little tea pot. You can place a tea bag or loose tea inside the netting and steep some delicious tea for one or two!

tea box 2

tea 3

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