Sunflower Day – Goodbye Summer

On the last weekend before summer unofficially ends, we decided to take a Sunday drive to a sunflower field – our last hurrah. Nestled in between beautiful vineyards and rolling hills is a breathtaking farm filled with flowers you can pick and take home for about a buck per stem. Most of the sunflowers were past their peak – wilted and sadly looking downwards (as if knowing that summer is over) – yet many who were still gazing happily at the sun enjoying the last warm days of the season. The weather was unusually perfect. The only imperfect moments were that I stubbed my toe on a tree stump in the fields (who asked me to wear open-toed sandals!) and that towards the end, Nik and Zaki were super cranky. But the rest of the afternoon was dreamy. We picked up some French cheese, baguettes, sandwiches, and fruit and enjoyed a picnic under the trees. It sort of felt like we were in a European countryside for a moment. Afterwards, we took the kids into the flower fields. The boys were a bit scared of the huge sunflowers at first, but quickly warmed up to them. It was a beautiful afternoon of picking flowers, blowing bubbles, picnicing and feeling the warm sun. A day that Rumi said was the “best day ever”. It’s moments like these that I cherish with my children. Goodbye Summer….


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