Stroll Through Old Town

Running a business and being a mom doesn’t leave much time for myself or my family, but I do make it a priority to set aside Sunday as a day I can unwind.  I try to slow things down and remove myself from the demands of running a business.  This past Sunday, Kaiser, Rumi and I went to Old Town, Alexandria. It was a very warm day considering it is October so I wore a sleeveless ruffle top with a print skirt.  The cuts and fabric of my outfit are Summer, but the colors made me feel like Fall.  Rumi were a sleeveless print dress, purple tights and gold sequin ballet flats.

We ate lunch and walked down King Street, which reminds me of a European town with it’s small boutiques, antique shops and restaurants. Old Town is a  historic city a few minutes away from D.C., with cobblestone streets and colonial architecture.  It was nice to stroll through the streets basking in the sun, while enjoying the sights and sounds of Fall.

Old Town 1

Old Town 2

Old Town 3

Old Town 3a

Old Town 4

Old Town 5

Old Town 7

Old Town 8

Old Town 9

Old Town 10