Vintage Afghan Style (Part 1) – Groovy Parents, Hippies & VOGUE Magazine

October 28th, 2015 – I’ve always been inspired by the mod and boho fashions of the 60’s.  Maybe it has to do with growing up and seeing photos of my parents in the late 60’s/early 70’s wearing groovy clothes from a lost time in Afghanistan – a “golden era” when there was peace, stability and style – when Kabul was known as the “Paris of Central Asia”.  In the photos, there my mom was in her handmade or custom tailored dresses she designed, standing next to my dad who was young and excited about the future.  Or maybe it has something to do with growing up in America and being drawn to reruns from popular shows from the 60’s (“The Monkees” was my fave!) and being fascinated by style and beauty trends  – the voluminous hair, the Jackie O dresses, the winged liner, the mod cuts and the graphic bold prints and colors. Perhaps I’m reminded of when both Afghanistan and America were at peace with each other – a seemingly fun and glamorous chapter for my parents and for so many Afghans. Maybe part of me wants to freeze that time before war and destruction changed everything.  Whatever the reason is, to this day, the late 60’s have subconsciously been my inspiration in so much of my work – from my fashion collections to the branding of FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar.  Call me old fashioned – or an old soul – I love that era and the love vintage clothes from the 60’s/70’s.

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My parents in the 60’s. 

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My mom always kept up with the latest fashions


In the 60’s and early 70’s, Afghanistan was an exotic destination for both the world’s fashion elite and young hippies looking for adventure. Kabul was vibrant and had cute little boutiques and bazaars selling beautiful textiles, jewelry, fabrics and fashions.


Road trip in Afghanistan in the 60’s – it’s unfortunate that we can’t do that these days



Kabul couture dress shop


“Hippies” walking in Kabul in the early 70’s

Enjoying tea with the locals


When Vogue magazine landed in Kabul in 1969, the result was an editorial called “Afghan Adventure” which appeared in the December issue of that year. The spread was gorgeous of models standing against ancient Afghan ruins and the beautiful rural landscape. I would love to get my hands on an original copy of this issue!!


Vogue’s December 1969 cover (left) and patterns at a Kabul dressmaking school in the 60’s.

A bohemian look in the Afghan flower hills

Love this embroidered jacket, boots and turban – still stylish today

A floral one piece culotte with turban set against the nomadic landscape of Afghanistan

Introducing: Beauty and the East by Samira Atash

October 21st, 2015: VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!!! For those who have followed my work, I was designing clothes in NYC for almost 10 years and for a few years, created & produced an online show called Beauty and the East TV where I featured entertainment stories that united cultures. After having kids and opening FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar, I put fashion & media projects on hold yet chronicled my fashion/style/mom journey with a new blog a couple years ago. Between juggling two salons and three kids, I didn’t always have the time to post as much as I wanted to. But in the past few years running FLOW, I’ve realized how I’ve missed design/styling and want to get back to what I’m truly passionate about. I am now looking forward to combining my LOVE for fashion with the beauty industry & FLOW!!

I’m excited to announce the launch of Beauty and the East by Samira Atash: a blog about style, beauty and lifestyle inspired by my ‘Silk Road’ cultural roots and global influences. I’m drawn to tribal-bohemian-vintage styles and the bold patterns, embroideries, textures, prints and vibrant colors of Central Asia & Middle East (my previous fashion collections were inspired by the tribal embroideries of Afghanistan). I will also explore and introduce to you ancient and exotic Eastern rituals to spice up your beauty routine. I love organic/natural products, being a mom to my three little ones, music, social causes & pop culture. What to expect in the blog:

– Fashion & style with a bohemian/tribal/gypsy vibe
– Beauty/style trends & rituals inspired by Central Asia & Mediterranean culture
-Organic products, beauty tips & trends
-Hair & makeup styles/tips
-Fashion, beauty & home DIY & tutorials

Even more exciting – many people ask me “where can I buy what you’re wearing”: now you can shop jewelry & fashion on my new SHOP page: an online boutique of jewelry, accessories, clothing and beauty products with a tribal & global vibe!! With designs that appeal to free spirits, items are inspired by culture…capturing the bohemian spirit of the Silk Road, a bit of Mediterranean aesthetic, and a whole lot of soul. The boutique includes brand new and vintage designs from around the world. Some items are from my past collections & personal closet! Click on the SHOP link above!!

Get ready to see Beauty and the East by Samira Atash collaborate with FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar through photo shoots, editorials & events to come!!

I’m VERY excited about this and can’t wait to share the looks with you!!!


Embassy Luncheon in DC

Thursday, October 15th, 2015 – I was invited to a luncheon at the Belgium Residence in Washington DC on behalf of the Alliance Francais, and my dear friend Sarah Diligenti, this afternoon.  The event celebrated the supporters and sponsors of the “Beyond the Little Black Dress” fashion show two weeks ago (my company FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar sponsored the hair and make-up).  The home was beautiful, filled with magnificent statues and exquisite artwork. The Ambassador of Belgium and Mrs. Verbeke are lovely and gracious.  I loved meeting all of the accomplished and distinguished people, eating French food and getting to know different people seated at my table.  I wanted to add a little bit of my Afghan roots to my outfit, so I wore an Afghan lapis lazuli necklace, embroidered sweater and eyelet dress. This is my version of business attire : )

Jacket: Lucky Brand
Dress: Catherine Malandrino
Necklace: Afghan Lapis Lazuli
Purse: Marc Jacobs


Belgium Embassy 2

Belgian Embassy 3

Belgium Embassy 4



Belgium Embassy 1

FLOW at the “Beyond the Little Black Dress” Fashion Show in Washington D.C.

On Friday, September 24th, 2015, FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar was the exclusive hair and makeup sponsor for the “Beyond the Little Black Dress” fashion show in Washington D.C. at the Dupont Circle Hotel. The event was organized by the Alliance Française de Washington and showcased local and international designers and artists to benefit the AFDC’s cultural programs. The fashion show was a huge success and in the audience were socialites, diplomats, DC fashionistas and more. The Ambassador of France and Monaco were also there!

My team of FLOWistas arrived at 2 pm, and were on schedule to complete hair and make-up for 22 models by 6:30 pm. I created a spreadsheet based on the designer’s line-up and the model board given to me. Some of the models included Miss DC United States, Ms United States, Miss Teen United State, Ms Delaware and other beauties. We started half an hour late, but managed to get through the looks by the time the show started. Some of the looks were smokey eyes, red lips, up-dos, half-dos, wavy hair, braids, natural looks, etc. Everyone was happy! As the exclusive sponsor, FLOW was recognized widely at the event. In the VIP bags, we tied together a FLOW coupon and cute little beauty gifts with a bow (make up brushes, beauty blenders, manicure sets!). Our logo was also displayed on the step & repeat board, in the program menu and mentioned on stage many times.

It was a tiring, but fun event. We worked hard, we delivered amazing looks, and FLOW’s visibility in the DC area is only growing! Here are just some of the pictures from the event taken – professional pics and video are coming soon!

photo 3-2

photo 1-2

photo 4-1 copy

photo 4-1

photo 2-2 a

photo 1-2 copy

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 2-2 copy

Sunflower Day – Goodbye Summer

On the last weekend before summer unofficially ends, we decided to take a Sunday drive to a sunflower field – our last hurrah. Nestled in between beautiful vineyards and rolling hills is a breathtaking farm filled with flowers you can pick and take home for about a buck per stem. Most of the sunflowers were past their peak – wilted and sadly looking downwards (as if knowing that summer is over) – yet many who were still gazing happily at the sun enjoying the last warm days of the season. The weather was unusually perfect. The only imperfect moments were that I stubbed my toe on a tree stump in the fields (who asked me to wear open-toed sandals!) and that towards the end, Nik and Zaki were super cranky. But the rest of the afternoon was dreamy. We picked up some French cheese, baguettes, sandwiches, and fruit and enjoyed a picnic under the trees. It sort of felt like we were in a European countryside for a moment. Afterwards, we took the kids into the flower fields. The boys were a bit scared of the huge sunflowers at first, but quickly warmed up to them. It was a beautiful afternoon of picking flowers, blowing bubbles, picnicing and feeling the warm sun. A day that Rumi said was the “best day ever”. It’s moments like these that I cherish with my children. Goodbye Summer….


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Beach Style

We just spent one week at Bethany Beach with a few of our friends and their children. We rented a beautiful home that has been featured in several magazines – it was so serene and only a few steps from the beach. I planned on taking more pictures but things were more hectic than I thought  (going to the beach with two little one year olds was a lot harder than we anticipated – packing all the gear felt like a move!)

I love a bohemian, relaxed, colorful look at the beach. I’m not about to wear a bikini (never liked to!), and love vibrant cover ups, hats and big glasses. Here are some of the looks I wore:

I found this cute red embroidered caftan at Marshalls! Not even sure what brand it is and don’t even care – it’s so comfy and I adore the embroidery. it was the perfect beach cover up. I paired it with a striped straw hat, oversized glasses and a handmade turquoise necklace I picked up from a jeweler at a flea market years ago:

Feeding the boys snacks on the beach:


On the boardwalk carousel in BCBG:

I’m loving these silk print pants lately. I wear them a lot! I also picked up these Steve Madden gladiator sandals on sale and wore them the entire time:

In a TIBI terrycloth beach cover-up:

Waterfront Stroll & Style

My sign is Cancer – a water sign. I’ve always been drawn to water and a nautical lifestyle – I love everything about it -except seafood. When I’m near water, I feel calm and at peace (like most people). I especially love being around boats/docks and look forward to a day when we can enjoy a lifestyle that includes lots of boating : ). I had a meeting in Old Town, Alexandria, so it was the perfect opportunity to get some work done and enjoy the afternoon with family – strolling on the waterfront, eating ice cream and stopping by a bath shop that sold the cutest hand crafted soaps and bath bombs. The twins ate their first bites of ice cream and litte Rumi enjoyed running through the park and buying her first “Candy Cane” bath bomb.

I’m wearing a green/white print dress with brown cork heel sandals and a large apple red vintage clutch I purchased from a flea market years ago. I like the patchwork print and the billowy cut on the dress especially.

photo 1 copy

photo 4-1

photo 2-2


photo 5 copy

Samira Kids

New FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar Videos

I taught myself how to edit videos on IMovie, which has made it so much easier than sending file footage to my editor in NYC, writing out scripts with timing on where/how to edit, going back and forth on DropBox, and waiting for it to finish. Here are two new videos at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar I filmed and edited recently. One is a “How to Blowout Curly, Thick Hair” video and the other one features our new Cezanne Perfect Finish Keratin Treatment:

My Twin Boys Turn 1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NIK & ZAKI!!

THE TWINS ARE 1 TODAY!! When I first held them both in my arms one year ago today, I was overwhelmed with love and fear. I didn’t know how we would handle two babies at once, especially while running two salons, but here I am looking back at the year and wondering where time went, and realizing that I’m stronger than I gave myself credit for. The days have been long, but the year short. I couldn’t have survived this year without the support of my family – especially my husband and mom – and my sisters who love my children like their own. As happy as I feel that they are 1 today, and are growing up healthy and happy, part of me feels sadness that the infant/baby stage is over and I can’t hold on to time – and all the moments I felt would last forever have turned into flashes of moments in my mind. I don’t want to forget them, so my gift to them is this video I put together that captures some of their first year major milestones with each other, and their big sis Rumi, so that the flashes of memories that may fade can stay with them – and us- forever, as they grow older. I share with you NIK & ZAKI’S 1st YEAR – HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SMUSHIES!!

Tea Time!!

My family are avid drinkers, as are so many from Eastern cultures. As far back as I can remember, tea (chai) has been the cornerstone of our meals and gatherings, especially as an offering for guests.  I don’t recall a day where tea wasn’t part of the daily conversation when around the family.   A few years ago, my sisters and I were planning on opening a tea house in NYC. As part of planning for the business, I went to a huge Las Vegas tea convention and became certified in tea!  I learned about the different types of tea, how to steep it for maximum flavor, how tea is harvested, and how the tea market is growing, especially in the States.  We didn’t open the chai house for  a variety of reasons but I’ve been trying to incorporate tea as an offering at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar. In fact, I am going to expand the selection of teas and offer clients a selection of tea, presented in a bamboo tea box.   I’ve been drinking coffee lately, and while it gives me that temporary boost I need throughout the day, I don’t like the side effects such as my moods crashing, headaches and bloating. So the past few days, I’ve turned back to the comfort of tea and have chosen a tea that is relaxing and healthy.  Here’s to tea time!


tea box

photo 3 (2)

I love this little tea pot. You can place a tea bag or loose tea inside the netting and steep some delicious tea for one or two!

tea box 2

tea 3

photo 5

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