Museum Tribal Vibe

In 2006, I designed a collection of dresses and tops inspired by the tribal embroideries of Afghanistan. Ten years later, the designs still look fresh and wearable. This black and white patchwork embroidery dress is one of my favorite dresses I designed. It’s one of a kind and when I wore it to an event at the National Gallery yesterday, I was stopped by at least three women who asked me where they could buy it. When I was designing clothes then, it was before the era of Pinterest and Instagram and Facebook (I feel like a dinosaur). It was harder to find a market for such specialized looks to make the collections financially sustainable. If I had designed this collection today, it definitely would have a wider reach because of social media. Even though I am working in the beauty industry now, I always consider myself a designer and plan on designing one of a kind pieces in parallel to my work (I’ve got some ideas- stay tuned)!





Before & After: Cezanne Keratin Treatment at FLOW!

Even though I own two blow dry bars, it doesn’t mean that my hair always looks good. I often am too busy to get it blow dried, so I often just pull my naturally wavy/curly hair in a bun. I’ve been offering the Cezanne Keratin Treatment at my salon FLOW for a while now, but I’ve never had it done on myself until now! And I’m so glad I did – immediately right after, my hair looked smoother, shinier and less frizzy! The best part is that it’s formaldehyde free and has a proprietary silk protein that makes my hair feel so healthy. Here is the video:

New York City Road Trip

Day in the Life: Blow Dry Bar Owner

Back in the City

December 30th, 2015 – We went to NYC for a few days and just got back last night. The weather wasn’t that cold but it was gloomy and rainy which can be expected this time of the year. I love going to NYC every few months – it gives me a boost of energy and inspiration my soul needs!

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My Baby Making Plans On The Phone

This is what happens when one of my twin boys grabs the phone – already making plans with his buddies haha

VLOG: Birthday Brunch, Nature Walk & Comedy Club

Afghan Coat

Lunchtime in an Afghan coat and Michael Kors boots

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VLOG: Day in the Life of a Mompreneur (from PJ’s to the Blow Dry Bar!)

This is a day in my life from wearing PJ’s in the morning while taking care of three kids to training hair stylists at my salon FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar! It’s a behind-the-scenes look at running a salon – it isn’t always glam!



My FIRST Official Fashion & Beauty VLOG

November 30th – 2015 – Here’s my first official VLOG (video blog) of many more to come! I filmed this one quickly today while the boys were taking a nap. Hope it’s not boring! Don’t know why it cut out the way it did at the end, though- sorry!! To get more “Beauty and the East”, subscribe to my YouTube channel: samiraatash and follow me on IG/FB: @samiraatash

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