Mommy Make-Over

Ever since finding out I was pregnant, I avoided coloring my hair because of the chemicals.  For nine months, I let my roots grow so long that many people thought I paid money to get an “ombre” style lol.   During the pregnancy, all I wanted to do was lounge in my sweatpants, put my hair in a bun, and wear no make-up. But an owner of a blowout & beauty bar can’t do that – and so I felt the pressure to look good even if I didn’t always feel it.

Now that the twins are finally here, I’m starting to feel myself again.  Last week,  I decided to get my hair colored/highlighted – finally!  I chose Brush Strokes Salon in Herndon, VA for my mommy hair make-over. I met Mary, the salon’s owner, at a business development seminar months ago and I remember her telling me she is a hair color expert. She has been doing hair for over 30 years. I’m super picky about who colors/highlights my hair, but felt I would be in good hands given her experience, and I was right.  When I in for my appointment, I noticed the staff’s friendliness and the quaint and cozy decor of the salon.   Mary took the time to listen to what I wanted for my hair. I like it when my hair color is light, but still rich and not orange.  Nothing bothers me more than stripy, orange highlights, especially on women with olive skin tone, which I have.

Mary put in a 3 level dimensional color, sliced in a developer, and then wove in subtle highlights to frame my face.  She applied a semi-permanent toner, then gave me a square layer cut.  It is perfect for the coming season – it’s light, but still rich in color, and not so dry, brittle and dull as it was before.

After chatting with Mary, and knowing we are both salon owners whose services compliment each other, I decided to partner with her on a rewards program.  If you go to her salon and mention “SAMIRA from FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar” referred you, she will give you 10% off any service!  And, if her clients come to FLOW for a blowout and mention Brush Strokes Salon at check-out, they can get 10% off their blowout! I love supporting other businesses, especially when the owners are supportive of mine.

Brush Strokes:
711 Pine St
Herndon, VA 20170

Here is the before and after!

Samira Before After


Here is what the cut/color looks like after a blowout at FLOW: