Meeting Conan

Last Fall, my sister and I were walking through Georgetown in D.C., when in front of me I saw a tall man with red hair walking towards us. As he approached  closer, I realized who he was and my first reaction was to exclaim, “COOONNNNAAAN O’BRRIIIENN”!  He stopped and we chatted, and found out he was in D.C. for some schmancy event with the President.  I have met many celebs and there are just a few who I can say are down-to-earth without an air of “I’m a celeb” about them, and he is one of them!  I’ve watched Conan’s show since college and his cool nerd humor makes me LOL, and I don’t laugh easily at jokes! I’m happy I have this pic to include in my celeb scrapbook. : )

IPHONE Pics Video Winter 2012_March 2013 235