Living Organically – Resolutions

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The past 7 months have been about sleepless nights, a constant barrage of poopy diapers, business admin tasks/numbers, hormones, and a host of issues that come with managing it all. On my organic lifestyle journey, I have made the following positive steps the past few years:

– Introduced organic/natural hair & beauty products at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar to thousands of clients
– Changed my beauty routine & products to include organic/natural products
– Became a certified make-up artist, and created a make-up kit filled with organic/natural products
– Started NOVA Organic Lifestyle Facebook group
– Purchased organic formula for the babies (read about it HERE)
– Making all baby food at home myself
– Launched this blog to share my journey

Where I need to improve on is:

– Eating more organically and buying locally from farmer’s markets (for myself and my family)- grow a backyard garden
– Working out again and starting yoga
– Take daily vitamins
– Change all products at home (including cleaning) to organic & natural – eliminate toxins and chemicals from my life
– Meditation/prayers
– Get in tune with nature (walking/hiking/biking)
– Living in the moment
– Getting rid of “stuff” in my life that I have accumulated – boxes and boxes of clothes and things I no longer need by selling and donating
– Shopping less & recycling more – less consumption in life

These are my late resolutions for the year – let’s see how I do! I will be sharing the journey here!

Love and light,