Lavender & Vintage

Last week, my dear friend Shinkai came to visit us from Seattle. We decided we wanted to keep the weekend relaxed and quiet so that we could catch up and get away from the madness that has been our work schedule for too long (she is a physician and I run multiple businesses). I didn’t take any appointments the entire weekend – I definitely needed a break. Kaiser was kind enough to watch the boys for the day so we could have a girls day out. So we all (me, Shinkai, Alina and Rumi) started off our Saturday with a brunch then we headed to a beautiful lavender farm in Northern Virginia – it was such a serene and beautiful place with herb gardens, flower picking, a little shop and picnic tables with a view. They had this tiny little house with a front porch and swing that was perfect for Rumi. We took pictures, took in the scenery then had lunch at a local cafe. We then did some vintage shopping in the area and picked up some unique items that I will post soon! Rumi looked like a doll in a floral vintage dress that fit the mood of the day. My favorite moment was seeing her run through the lavender fields catching butterflies with a net. So innocent!

Lav 1

Lav 7

Lav 2

Lav 3

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Lav 9

Lav 9a

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