Halloween Decor Idea! 3D Elsa Pumpkin: DIY Tutorial

This year should be called “Elsa-ween”! Rumi is obsessed with “Frozen” as many little girls are. Every year, I paint her a pumpkin for Halloween – for me it’s safer to do than carving a pumpkin with a knife around a small child (and more fun!). This year has been crazy busy with two salons and twins but I always try to carve out one-on-one time with her. Here is my 3D Elsa Pumpkin that I made for her, as well as a step-by-step guide on how to make it. Supplies you will need: a pumpkin (of course!), acrylic paints, paint brushes, off-white yarn, scissors, stapler, pen/pencil, paper cups, paper plate and tablecloth to protect your table.  I purchased most of the supplies from Joanne Fabrics. The paper cups are to hold water for when you paint (to moisten your brushes, and to clean in between colors). The paper plate will serve as your palette so you can mix colors. Perfect day to paint a pumpkin! a   b c STEP 1: Pick a pumpkin that has a rounder shape and that “sits well” on the table because you don’t want to work with a wobbly one! Find a picture of your inspiration. In this case, it’s Elsa from “Frozen”.  I first took a pencil to out line the shape and features of her face, and darkened it with a pen.   d STEP 2: Next, “prime” her skin using white paint. This will be the base of the painting. Her face looks “flat” now but we will shade and contour in the next steps.   e  STEP 3: Start painting in her lips, eyes, eyeshadow. Use different brushes for the various areas (you don’t want to use a big brush to paint a small area or you may mess it up). You may have to combine colors to achieve the desired color. If you have doubts about how to make a certain color, you can always Google it.   f  STEP 4: Fill in the brows with a brown (mix red, blue and yellow to make brown).  Then make a peachy/pink color and lightly paint in shadows and contours so the face doesn’t look so flat   g  STEP 5: Take yarn and cut them into same size lengths to desired lengths based on the area of the hair you would like to style.   Take your stapler (yes!) and staple pieces of the yarn to the pumpkin to secure it in place. You can cover the staples with different parts of the yarn.  Make variations in yarn lengths and build on the areas you would like to style for the crown of the head and bangs area.  Bet you’ve never styled (or stapled) a pumpkin’s hair before!   h STEP 6: Cut long pieces of yarn in the same size – as long as you would want her braid to be. Cut as many pieces to achieve the desired thickness of her braid.  When you have created the pieces, create a top knot and staple bottom areas to the top section of the pumpkin to secure it in place. Once it’s secure, then divide the yarn in three groups and start braiding down. Once you get to the bottom, tie it in a rubber band, and use some of the yarn to cover the rubber band   i  STEP 7: Touch up paint as desired, display and ENJOY!! Remember – there are no rules when it comes to art.  I made many mistakes when drawing her original face – that’s why it’s good to start with a pencil so you can change things around.  The most important thing is to have fun with this project if you are doing it with your kids! PS – sorry if I missed any steps or if I didn’t explain something correctly. I’m trying to get this blog up before I put the kids to bed, and I’m so exhausted myself!