Guli’s Designs

My mom Guli is very resourceful.  She was re-purposing and recycling before it become hip and trendy to do so. Since I was little, I remember her hand embroidering and sewing details on clothing.  She has a knack for taking something shabby and redesigning it into something new and loves designing outfits for herself for evening wear. I always tell my mom she should have been a fashion designer.  Since she likes to dress in modest clothing, she finds creative ways of incorporating classic cuts with fashionable accents like custom beading and embroidering.

On this blog, I plan on showing some before and afters of her creations from start to finish. How she starts with a piece – be it a skirt, blouse, jacket, etc. and how she alters it or mixes/matches it with something else in her closet.  Here, I snapped some pics of her taking a vintage pearl and crystal beaded necklace apart, and sewing the crystal beads onto a crocheted tank top in order to cover up the deep v-neckline.  She also took a white chiffon dress apart and made it into a skirt.

I wasn’t there when she went to a wedding in the outfit she created, but the she did take a pic on her IPhone, which I have shown below. Stay tuned for more of Guli’s designs!





  • Maryam Ebrahimi

    really beautiful