FLOW Opening Update!

It’s been an intense month – not only is my belly growing, but so is my to-do list! I have three running spreadsheets on what needs to be done to get FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar opened: construction management, furniture/product/supply orders, and over tasks/duties. It’s an intense amount of work, but I have been pacing myself and managing time wisely so that I am not overwhelmed at the last minute. Furniture & supplies have been ordered early and are waiting to be set up. We had some delays with construction, but now things are moving along nicely – the floors are down & walls are finally painted. Unfortunately, because of the torrential rain last week, we did experience some flooding at the front of the salon, but the developers are doing a water test today to see what the issue is and they will fix it to prevent it from happening again. The last thing I want is flooding when we open, so it’s good we caught this early on even if it means delaying opening. We will have a soft opening in May, and have our grand opening in June! It’s amazing to hear how many women in the area are waiting for our opening!

Construction Progress May 2 2014 small