Travel VLOG: Opening New Microblading Business in California (Part 1)

VLOG: Nowruz (New Year) Party + Georgees Grill

New vlog with my cousin Sonik, Rumi, and mom showing Georgees Grill restaurant decor – a popular East meets West restaurant in Woodbridge! Plus see the Nowruz Party we went to!

MIAMI: Girls Trip Vlog

Beauty and the East- Being Muslim/Middle Eastern in America

Jan. 21st, 2017 – I’ve been getting several messages lately about why I stopped Beauty and the East TV especially what’s going on in the world today. I launched Beauty and the East TV in 2009. It was a blog/vlog that highlighted positive, fun & interesting stories about Middle Eastern/South Asian/Muslims (aka “brown people”) primarily in the entertainment industry. It was a small project I produced and funded out of pocket…it made some headway and received a lot of great grassroots feedback and support … but I found it difficult to continue because of lack of sponsorship. I stopped it for many years and relaunched Beauty and East last year as the name of my personal blog.

But given what is going on in the world now, and the increased misunderstanding/misconceptions/stereotypes, I DO think it’s important that these stories continue to get highlighted. Not for political or religious reasons – but as a bridge of understanding between cultures and people to promote unity and peace, which is important and much needed right now. The media and news outlets only show evil terrorists who commit bad acts to sell their stories and gain clicks, but there are over 1 billion of us in this world who are normal and just want to live in peace. And many more who are doing great things that often go unnoticed.

So, I will now be posting content not only about my own East-West lifestyle and experiences in America (including personal vlogs – fashion/beauty/family/lifestyle) , but I will also go back to featuring interesting stories that show good things “brown” people are doing and positive influences from Eastern culture. Stay tuned for videos I will create that will show Eastern influences in fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and entertainment in the U.S.

With everything going on these days, we can either move somewhere else and be silent and “safe” …. or we can stand up and be the example that makes change. Whether that means marching on the streets for equal rights, forming a group, writing a letter… or creating our own media – however small that may be – the world needs more positive stories right now and many Americans do need to see the “Beauty of the East” -ern people that live among them – the millions of peaceful, educated, accomplished people who want nothing more than a normal life. If content I post builds one bridge between East and West, and changes someone’s mind, then I will be happy.

Thank you and I hope you will support me by watching, sharing, liking and commenting!!

Samira * Atash

Home For the Holidays: Vlog!

My first vlog of 2017: watch our family reunion for Christmas 2016: party, nephew vlog take-over, family dinner, photo shoot & crazy man at the train station!

Caftan, Lakes & Bears!

July 2016 – A few weeks ago, we went to a cabin in the mountains to celebrate Nik and Zaki’s 2nd birthday! It was fun seeing the kids in tune with nature and having fun at a giant water park. We stopped by a lake and I took some pics in my “Mrs. Roper” caftan (that was the day a giant bear crossed Kaiser and the twin’s path! Thankfully, he wasn’t hungry and didnt’ look their way but it gave us a scare!)

Lake 1a

Lake 2a

Lavender & Vintage

Last week, my dear friend Shinkai came to visit us from Seattle. We decided we wanted to keep the weekend relaxed and quiet so that we could catch up and get away from the madness that has been our work schedule for too long (she is a physician and I run multiple businesses). I didn’t take any appointments the entire weekend – I definitely needed a break. Kaiser was kind enough to watch the boys for the day so we could have a girls day out. So we all (me, Shinkai, Alina and Rumi) started off our Saturday with a brunch then we headed to a beautiful lavender farm in Northern Virginia – it was such a serene and beautiful place with herb gardens, flower picking, a little shop and picnic tables with a view. They had this tiny little house with a front porch and swing that was perfect for Rumi. We took pictures, took in the scenery then had lunch at a local cafe. We then did some vintage shopping in the area and picked up some unique items that I will post soon! Rumi looked like a doll in a floral vintage dress that fit the mood of the day. My favorite moment was seeing her run through the lavender fields catching butterflies with a net. So innocent!

Lav 1

Lav 7

Lav 2

Lav 3

Lav 4

Lav 5

Lav 6

Lav 8

Lav 9

Lav 9a

Lav 9b

Lav 9c

Lav 9d

Lav 9e

Lav 9g

Duran Duran Show!

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted a vlog – I’ve been so busy the past few months with work, kids and taking classes (details and announcement about that soon!). Last night, we went to see Duran Duran at the Verizon Center in DC. It was nice to take a break and go down memory lane with all their songs from the 80’s and 90’s (even enjoyed a few of their new songs including “Paper Gods”). Here’s some footage of last night’s show including their greatest hits:

New York City Road Trip

My Baby Making Plans On The Phone

This is what happens when one of my twin boys grabs the phone – already making plans with his buddies haha

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