Upcycled Tunic w/ Afghan Beadwork


Upcycled tunic with handmade boho Afghan bead work hand sewn to give it a pop of color and personality.

“out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there” – RUMI .



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Coming Soon: Vintage Upcycled Dress


Coming soon: black vintage dress upcycled with hand sewn beadwork at the chiffon + lace neckline. One-of-a-kind. 💫


Back to Fashion: RUMI ROSE

This is a glimpse of what  I’ve been working on this year in my home studio on those nights and days off when I’m not microblading, running the salon, or being a mom. For those who don’t know, before I entered the beauty industry, I was living in NYC and was a fashion designer for over 10 years. It’s important for me to not lose touch with it. Designing and creating is my me time where I can let creativity flow, escape the noise and keep up design skills that I’ve worked on since 1999. This is what makes me happy – to create things and to make a difference in humanity and Mother Earth. 

My goal is to educate people on the environmental impacts of fast fashion, the sustainable fashion movement, and to unite East-West by meshing Western styles with Afghan tribal influences and my heritage. This has been my design style since 2005 when I launched my first “Afghanistan Inspired” collection, and I’ve come full circle, but in a way that also helps the environment! 

Coming soon to my label RUMI ROSE @rumi_rose: one-of-a-kind sustainable, ethical, upcycled vintage bohemian fashion. I’m happy to announce my mom Guli Atash is my design partner on this collection and helping with sewing the pieces!  Stay tuned for pop-up fashion trunk shows and online shopping! I will continue my work in the beauty world but also hope to make a positive impact on the environment with Rumi Rose fashion. Hope you all will like and support it!

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Travel VLOG: Opening New Microblading Business in California (Part 1)

My Spiritual Awakening

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here. This year has been a roller coaster (I will roll it all up into a vlog at the end of this year)!  One of the most significant things that have happened to me is that I’ve had a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. I’ve rediscovered my Rumi poetry books. I’ve started drawing and playing music again. I’ve found a deeper spiritual connection to God.  I have rediscovered what inspired me throughout her life and who I am at my core- and that my true passion is fashion desig. So I have decided to launch Rumi Rose as an online store showcasing nomadic-bohemian fashion + beauty products inspired by Afghanistan/Mediterranean, connecting cultures, giving back and promoting a high vibration, conscious, and spiritually connected brand. My goal is to launch the website on 12/1/17. I look forward to the journey ahead!



My Alopecia Client’s Microblading Reaction

My beautiful client’s reaction to having her brows microbladed. She is a beautiful soul and I am happy to bring her joy. For more info on microblading, visit http://www.samirabrowcouture.com

VLOG: Nowruz (New Year) Party + Georgees Grill

New vlog with my cousin Sonik, Rumi, and mom showing Georgees Grill restaurant decor – a popular East meets West restaurant in Woodbridge! Plus see the Nowruz Party we went to!

Beauty and the East- Being Muslim/Middle Eastern in America

Jan. 21st, 2017 – I’ve been getting several messages lately about why I stopped Beauty and the East TV especially what’s going on in the world today. I launched Beauty and the East TV in 2009. It was a blog/vlog that highlighted positive, fun & interesting stories about Middle Eastern/South Asian/Muslims (aka “brown people”) primarily in the entertainment industry. It was a small project I produced and funded out of pocket…it made some headway and received a lot of great grassroots feedback and support … but I found it difficult to continue because of lack of sponsorship. I stopped it for many years and relaunched Beauty and East last year as the name of my personal blog.

But given what is going on in the world now, and the increased misunderstanding/misconceptions/stereotypes, I DO think it’s important that these stories continue to get highlighted. Not for political or religious reasons – but as a bridge of understanding between cultures and people to promote unity and peace, which is important and much needed right now. The media and news outlets only show evil terrorists who commit bad acts to sell their stories and gain clicks, but there are over 1 billion of us in this world who are normal and just want to live in peace. And many more who are doing great things that often go unnoticed.

So, I will now be posting content not only about my own East-West lifestyle and experiences in America (including personal vlogs – fashion/beauty/family/lifestyle) , but I will also go back to featuring interesting stories that show good things “brown” people are doing and positive influences from Eastern culture. Stay tuned for videos I will create that will show Eastern influences in fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and entertainment in the U.S.

With everything going on these days, we can either move somewhere else and be silent and “safe” …. or we can stand up and be the example that makes change. Whether that means marching on the streets for equal rights, forming a group, writing a letter… or creating our own media – however small that may be – the world needs more positive stories right now and many Americans do need to see the “Beauty of the East” -ern people that live among them – the millions of peaceful, educated, accomplished people who want nothing more than a normal life. If content I post builds one bridge between East and West, and changes someone’s mind, then I will be happy.

Thank you and I hope you will support me by watching, sharing, liking and commenting!!

Samira * Atash

Home For the Holidays: Vlog!

My first vlog of 2017: watch our family reunion for Christmas 2016: party, nephew vlog take-over, family dinner, photo shoot & crazy man at the train station!

Kennedy Center Birthday

On July 20th, 2016, it was my 21st birthday (April Fools!) I had to work and it was a LONG day – so long that I was late getting home and rushed to get ready. We had tickets to the 7 pm showing of the “Phantom of the Opera” but didn’t make it in time (we did get a refund). What do you do when you have great sunset lighting at the Kennedy Center on your b-day – you ask your hubby to take blog pics : )

I’m wearing a denim jacket mixed with a silk Armani print blouse and lace skirt.
Accessories: vintage embroidered clutch, Steve Madden booties, Cartier watch

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