Our Babymoon

I did not enjoy being pregnant. Feeling sick, tired, heavy was not fun. The only joy was knowing my little one was going to join us in the world soon.  I didn’t get out much the last trimester because it was December – February in NYC. It was cold, dreary and suffocating. Thankfully, before I entered my last trimester, we went on a babymoon cruise to the Bahamas in November 2010 for some fun and R&R. I’m not sure I would fly again that late in a pregnancy again. On the flight to Miami, I felt Braxton Hick contractions and wanted nothing more than to lie in bed with my legs wrapped around my pregnancy pillow. When we got on the boat, there were waves in the ocean that caused the boat to rock back and forth the first night for hours. You can say that Kaiser and I were not feeling good.  Thankfully, the rest of the cruise was calm, and we enjoyed the beauty of the Bahamas.

Funny how I felt SO big on that trip but looking at the pictures my belly wasn’t as big as I thought.

Samira 2

Pregnant Miami


November 09 044


November 09 043