A Very Afghan Christmas

Two of my sisters live in New York City and Los Angeles, so once a year, we try to get together for a family portrait. This year, I decided it would be a good idea to have everyone wear traditional Afghan clothes for our pictures, since the red and green colors of Afghan clothes compliment the holiday season nicely. Plus it’s always nice to celebrate your diversity – wearing traditional clothes on Christmas celebrates both cultures. I had the idea last minute on Christmas Day, and within a couple hours, I was able to not only assemble the family together, but also get everyone to go along with the theme! The behind-the-scenes banter of this shoot deserved its own video since after a few minutes, the kids started to get antsy, and the babies kept spitting up their milk on their grandparents. The lighting isn’t perfect or professional quality, but I’m happy with the final results!

Family Pic1 a
Our family! My sister Zohra sadly couldn’t make it for the shoot since it was so last minute :(. From left to right: my niece Iman in a black/silver Afghan dress, my nephew Amir wearing a striped silk “chapan”, my nephew Cameron wearing a silk eggplant colored scarf, my brother-in-law Jalil wearing a wool Afghan hat, my husband Kaiser wearing a silk Afghan scarf, my nephew Omar wearing a black cotton embroidered top with a wool hat, my niece Sophia in a red Afghan dress, my sister Mariam in a green/silver/purple/pink embroidered traditional Afghan dress, my sons Nik & Zaki wearing a red/black embroidered Afghan top, my father in a black 2pc. cotton top/tumban, my daughter Rumi in a red/green Afghan dress, my mom with a wool scarf, and my sister Alina wearing a red chapan and tribal Uzbek hat.

Family Pic 2a
I’m joining the pic in a black Afghan dress with red & green embroidery

Family Pic 3a

Family Pic 5a

Family Pic6a

Family Pic 7

Family Pic 8a

Family Pic 9a

Family Pic 10a

My Afghan Kids 2

Thank you to my friend Mariam Wardak for gifting me with the Afghan dress and Afghan baby clothes for my kids!