Most women don’t read the ingredients in cosmetics. What you put on your lips you eat. What you put on your skin gets absorbed in your blood stream. I’ve been researching organic and natural cosmetics for the past few years and have been shocked by what goes into cosmetics. Through sampling and use, I have found some of the top high performance and safe make-up lines to stock at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar. It’s important that my clients are educated about what goes into their beauty products and help them to select ones that are healthy for them. So I’m excited about Vapour Organic Beauty’s collection of lip gloss that just arrived for the holidays. Research shows that what we put on our lips is ingested into the body. Elixir’s pure plant ingredients are processed without chemicals to produce a superior lip gloss.


– Moisturizes with plumping liposomes
– Contains revitalizing protective antioxidants
– Allows skin to breathe
– Organic purity

-Revolutionary non-petroleum, chemical-free formula
-No chemicals to ingest by mouth or through skin