80’s Prep

Sunday mornings seem to be the only time I have to myself lately.  I came back from NYC last Monday, and have been busy at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar training new staff and working on a couple of new ad campaigns. If I wasn’t working, I was shuttling little Rumi back and forth to pre-school, getting her ready, taking her to her first field trip, prepping her meals (which isn’t always easy since she’s a picky eater), cleaning, doing laundry, etc. Working moms everywhere can relate.

This weekend, I  did find some time to organize my closet which is something calming for me to do amid all the chaos. I came across a pair of high-waisted pleated voluminous pants with a tapered hem that I bought from NYC. I’m loving that pants are moving away from a skinny look to more volume lately. Looking at it, it immediately reminded me of the 80’s. When I get dressed, I sometimes like putting together themed outfits depending on my mood.  The weather outside was cloudy and a bit nippy, so I decided to wear a navy blue sequined sweater, buttoned-up blouse (you have to button it all the way to the collar to  pay homage to the 80’s : )), gold braided belt, brown pumps, chunky gold watch and my cool nerd glasses. I felt like a preppy student in London in the 80’s. Very specific!  This is what I wore to work on Saturday, and to a get-together afterwards.

For make-up, I kept it light on the eyes and redder on the lips. I’m loving my new lipstick by Motives (Ruby)!

Baggy Pants 1

Baggy Pants 2

Bagg Pants 3


Baggy Pants 4

Baggy Pants 5 a