2nd VLOG: Samira’s Style – Shopping in NYC

Hi! Just posted a NEW video (see link below) from ‘Samira Styles, a new vlog where I will be covering fashion/style, beauty, organic make-up, before-afters, my lifestyle, running a business, travel, DIY, and more! It’s a follow-up to last week’s video, and in this one, I show you what I purchased at Buffalo Exchange. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a resale boutique that carries designer labels for amazing prices. My favorite one is in Willamsburg NYC, and I’m happy to share my recent purchases with you all. I will wear them in a future vlog or post as pics on the blog!

I designed the NEW logo for Samira Styles, and also taught myself video editing on IMovie! This is the FIRST video I’ve edited this way, so excuse the lighting, some of the choppy editing (such as my head being cut off in the beginning!). I’m excited because I was searching for a theme song to the vlog, and found that Azar Swan ‘s “OVER” is the perfect one! I look super tired in this video since I haven’t slept like a normal person in months, but hope you like it (and bc I was so tired, didn’t spell Swan right at the end of the video-oops)! Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, and follow me on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter (@samiraatash.com)!