My Spiritual Awakening

It’s been such a long time since I’ve posted here. This year has been a roller coaster (I will roll it all up into a vlog at the end of this year)!  One of the most significant things that have happened to me is that I’ve had a SPIRITUAL AWAKENING. I’ve rediscovered my Rumi poetry books. I’ve started drawing and playing music again. I’ve found a deeper spiritual connection to God.  I have rediscovered what inspired me throughout her life and who I am at my core- and that my true passion is fashion desig. So I have decided to launch Rumi Rose as an online store showcasing nomadic-bohemian fashion + beauty products inspired by Afghanistan/Mediterranean, connecting cultures, giving back and promoting a high vibration, conscious, and spiritually connected brand. My goal is to launch the website on 12/1/17. I look forward to the journey ahead!