My Happier & Organic Lifestyle Journey: Beauty, Fashion, Make-up, Food

The past few years, I moved from NYC to DC area, opened up two salons, had twin boys, am raising our 4-year-old girl, and juggling a mountain of tasks while trying to maintain my sanity lol. I’m on a journey to live a happier, healthier lifestyle – and to do it in style! Here’s a new Samira Styles video where I talk about my journey and where I would like to take it this year and beyond:

New Lipstick Trend?

Two toned nail color has been a hot trend. Someone is trying to make this happen – but can’t imagine it will take off since lip color smudges so easily


Today’s Inspiration

Today, I’m inspired by these looks. I love bohemian and tribal looks – and have some neat things in store….stay tuned!




Golden Globe Hair Trend

A hair trend at the Golden Globes: parted up-do