Winter Style Tip: Mixing Color & Prints

Fashion doesn’t have rules as long as you aren’t afraid to take chances.  Go ahead and mix colors and prints when you put an outfit together, as long as the colors are in the same family and tell a similar story.  This Thanksgiving weekend, we came up to NYC and I had some time to do some shopping and catch up with my sister Zohra, who is a musician.  For our outing, I paired a colorful print coat with a knit hat, plaid scarf, jeans and black boots.  The prints don’t exactly match, but when pulled together, they work. It was comfortable and warm – just the pop of color I needed to brighten up a gloomy New York day.

Coat: consignment boutique; Ralph Lauren boots; Marc Jacobs bag; H&M knit hat





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Most women don’t read the ingredients in cosmetics. What you put on your lips you eat. What you put on your skin gets absorbed in your blood stream. I’ve been researching organic and natural cosmetics for the past few years and have been shocked by what goes into cosmetics. Through sampling and use, I have found some of the top high performance and safe make-up lines to stock at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar. It’s important that my clients are educated about what goes into their beauty products and help them to select ones that are healthy for them. So I’m excited about Vapour Organic Beauty’s collection of lip gloss that just arrived for the holidays. Research shows that what we put on our lips is ingested into the body. Elixir’s pure plant ingredients are processed without chemicals to produce a superior lip gloss.


– Moisturizes with plumping liposomes
– Contains revitalizing protective antioxidants
– Allows skin to breathe
– Organic purity

-Revolutionary non-petroleum, chemical-free formula
-No chemicals to ingest by mouth or through skin


Fall Family Photo Shoot

I had the pleasure of meeting Northern VA photographer Maria Shakir at FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar Ashburn’s Grand Opening party where she took pictures of the event. After viewing her portfolio, I saw that she does great work with family portraits. Since I haven’t had time to take professional pictures of the twins when they were born (whereas with Rumi I took several), I thought it would be a great idea to do an outdoor Fall photo shoot.  We picked a day in October at a historic park in Leesburg, VA.  We got very lucky that day. The weather was as perfect as it was ever going to get in this area!  I dressed up my kiddos in knits to celebrate the season. For the boys, I chose a cream, gray, navy blue and chocolate brown color story. For Rumi, I kept it similar but added in pops of color with the embroidery in her boots and her knit hat. I wore a Lucky Brand embroidered sweater coat that reminds me a lot of my own fashion line.

When we arrived (a bit late unfortunately because it’s not always easy to get three kids ready!), Maria was ready and waiting. She brought several “props” for the shoot including a wagon, basket, and blankets. We ended up using our own blankets but did put the boys in her basket which ended up looking really cute.  It was hard to get the boys to laugh as they usually do because they were so enchanted by what was around them such as the trees, leaves and sky. Rumi had a good time at the shoot, and my favorite picture of her is the one where she is kicking up the leaves in her purple hat.

I loved this photo shoot, even though our car battery died when we left (thank God for a good Samaritan who showed up and helped us!).  I highly recommend hiring Maria for any photo shoot. She uses a nice camera, is patient, and knows how to capture someone’s personality in the right lighting.

OFFER: She is so kind to give me a special offer to share with my friends and family. If you mention my name, she will give you a session for only $95 as well as 15 digital images instead of 10! Offer is good through November 2014.  Make sure to mention my name to get the discount!  Here is her website: and her email: