This Makes Me Happy!

This makes me so happy! All the long days and sleepless nights of launching a new business is so worth it – not just to make money – but knowing your efforts are being recognized by your community… and that your idea is well received and making a positive impact! My salon – FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar – won “Best Reston Busines” by the readers of Reston Now!


Flashback Friday: LA Style

This is a pic of me posing with Marilyn in LA, and in Palm Springs, in 2008 : ). I’m wearing a motorcycle jacket I purchased in Dubai, skinny jeans, leg warmers and a beret.

LA style_2

I Love Eyelet!

I am obsessed with eyelet and lace fabrics. The combination of both makes my heart melt – that is why I love Catherine Malandrino’s designs so much. Something about eyelet makes me feel happy, refreshed and at ease. Now that I’m 7 months along, I’m looking for comfort in what I wear, and what better way than soft cotton eyelet!

Here are some pics of Rumi and I before going to a gathering this weekend. It felt nice to take a break from work, to dress up (even though it takes extra effort – I can’t even bend down to put on my shoes now), and spend time with family and friends. I wore a cotton eyelet & lace top, a coral colored eyelet maxi skirt and a twisted beaded necklace.

As for my hair: besides blowouts (at FLOW of course!) and a recent on the whim haircut in Chinatown NYC, I haven’t done anything to it since being pregnant (it’s my natural ombre! lol) – I have been trying to stay away from as many chemicals as possible lately. No hair coloring/highlighting, nail polish, limited perfume, etc. I just personally feel whatever you put on your skin seeps into your body, and I want to keep it as natural and holistic as possible for my babies!

a Sam 2

b Sam 2

c Mom Rumi 2

a Mom Rumi 2

b Mom Rumi 3

FLOW Opening Update!

It’s been an intense month – not only is my belly growing, but so is my to-do list! I have three running spreadsheets on what needs to be done to get FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar opened: construction management, furniture/product/supply orders, and over tasks/duties. It’s an intense amount of work, but I have been pacing myself and managing time wisely so that I am not overwhelmed at the last minute. Furniture & supplies have been ordered early and are waiting to be set up. We had some delays with construction, but now things are moving along nicely – the floors are down & walls are finally painted. Unfortunately, because of the torrential rain last week, we did experience some flooding at the front of the salon, but the developers are doing a water test today to see what the issue is and they will fix it to prevent it from happening again. The last thing I want is flooding when we open, so it’s good we caught this early on even if it means delaying opening. We will have a soft opening in May, and have our grand opening in June! It’s amazing to hear how many women in the area are waiting for our opening!

Construction Progress May 2 2014 small