First Pregnancy Photo Shoot – Enjoying Spring

I don’t need tell anyone how horrendous winter has been on the East Coast. It feels like an eternity of snow, sleet, dark clouds, cold winds and overall dreariness. So when the sun finally popped out and felt warm last weekend, we decided to take advantage of it, of course! We found a nice park in Vienna, VA on the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival (yes, we wanted to avoid DC traffic!), and snapped some memorable family pics! At this point, I am 6 months preggers with twins. I look smaller than I feel. What you don’t notice in the pic is how much my back hurts. As painful as this outing was at times, I wanted to capture some moments with my little Rumi and my dear hubby Kaiser because we had taken pics of Rumi when she was 3 months old at this very same park. It’s nice to see flowers in bloom – it feels like such an awakening of the spirit, soul, and senses.

You would think as a former maternity wear designer, I would be so excited to design or buy maternity clothes. To be honest, I’ve never felt more comfortable in my stretchy black pants and long maternity tops. This photo shoot is the first time I put on a dress at this stage of my pregnancy. I’m wearing a stretchy long print dress by ABS, cream cardigan (long enough to cover the bum : )), and flats. Nothing fancy – but oh-so-comfy!

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Update: Opening the 2nd FLOW While Pregnant With Twins!

Wow, I promised myself that I would post more frequently here, but the past month or so has been super chaotic. Not only am I pregnant with TWIN! boys, I’ve been working on opening the second location for FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar. I didn’t think it would be this challenging, but carrying two means more backaches, pains, and discomforts while trying to get through the day. I take it day by day, and try not to get stressed or overwhelmed between caring for Rumi and the million things I have to do to prepare for opening. There were some delays with permits, approvals, and inspections, but now we finally have our sign up for our new location at One Loudoun in Ashburn, VA, and the construction is moving into its final phase! In the meantime, I’m doing other things such as project management, construction/design management, furniture/supply/product sourcing, recruitment/training, marketing, etc…. as well as making sure the other location runs smoothly. Thankfully, I have hired two managers for each location who take care of a lot of the day-to-day, so it’s made it easier, but there is still so much to be done to prepare for opening! I’m also lucky in that I have a home office, so when I feel tired or worn down, I immediately lie down and drink lots of water, and breathe…..

Who said being a mom to a toddler – while pregnant with twins, managing a growing salon business, and opening a new location – would be easy? I will be posting my adventures here – stay tuned!

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