Sewing DIY: Tote Bag

During the craziness of the past few months, it’s been nice to work on a project that has nothing to do with work, business, family or being a mom. Sometimes you just need a break. And that break for me has been getting back to sewing.  Nothing fancy, nothing complicated – just the feeling of being behind a sewing machine again is the me-time that I’m giving myself once a week.


Here’s a tote bag that I sewed recently – will probably use it at the beach or as a diaper bag!

Tote Bag 2

Crazy Few Months: Big News!

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been about two months since I’ve posted! Since the last time, some major things have happened in my life that I am ready to share!

First, the big news is that I’m expecting!  We are so happy to expand our family, and to give a sibling to our little Rumi, but I was so not ready to be hit with the severe morning sickness that I endured for over a month. Or shall I say – all day sickness. It was pretty bad – much worse than my first pregnancy.  On top of that, I got hit with vertigo recently which came out of the blue.  It’s not related to the pregnancy, but rather from crystals in the ear that get off track and cause dizziness and feeling imbalanced.  Wasn’t fun!

In parallel to all of this, I have been busy working on the second location of FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar!  In January, I was busy working on the interior design & floor plan, then working with an architect on the architectural/MEP plans to submit to the county for permits.  This took longer than I had originally planned, but we finally did it and now are waiting for the permits so we can start the build-out.

So over the next few months, I will be blogging about opening the next location, fashion/beauty/lifestyle and also being pregnant while expanding the business!  I don’t know how I”m going to juggle it all but I plan on doing it in style! : )  Or that’s my plan – I have been feeling so tired lately, all I want to do is be in my sweats with no make-up and a bun but that can’t happen when you own a beauty bar!  I have to say the pressure to look good at all times, especially when leaving the house, has gone up since I’ve opened this business.  I feel everyone expects my hair and make-up to look fab at all times, but the truth is that some days I am SO busy running the business in addition to taking care of a toddler, that it’s hard to take care of my own self sometimes!  Before I opened FLOW, I imagined myself getting blowouts all the time and feeling glamorous, but I have to say the amount of work it takes to run this business is a lot more than I imagined it would be, and some days I am just EXHAUSTED. This winter weather hasn’t made things better, but I am staying positive, and going into Spring, will focus on my health and bringing back energy into my life that I will need to be a good mother and successful business woman.

I will post and update more going forward!

Here is the Coming Soon sign for the next location.  I need to get a Coming Soon t-shirt and point to my belly, too! I will be giving birth to a baby and a new location (possibly 2) this year!


Coming Soon