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In high school, I was obsessed with the original supermodels – there was Cindy, Claudia, Naomi, Linda…and of course Christy! Her beauty is, and still is, out of this world. Over the years, I have seen her grace countless magazine covers and always admired her for transitioning from modeling into launching her own businesses and charity.  She is also married to the handsome Ed Burns and is a mom.

In 2012, I relaunched my maternity website into a designer consignment site, with proceeds going to charity. I wanted to donate to a cause that supported maternal health causes. One day, by chance, as I was walking through a NYC park with Rumi and my mother-in-law Tor, we passed by Christy! Tor is very outgoing and has met Christy & Ed Burns several times in our Tribeca neighborhood, so she stopped and started chatting with Christy.  It was at that point Rumi jumped from my arms into Christy’s arms and that’s when a real conversation about being a mom and her charity, Every Mother Counts, took place. I told her I was from Afghanistan, and my interest in maternal health charities.  She gave me her e-mail so we could discuss it further.

Over the next few months, we kept in contact via e-mail and soon a partnership between It’s A Miracle Maternity and Every Mother Counts was born. I was humbled, and thrilled, when she wrote a blog about our meeting and partnership.  My goal was to support EMC by donating 5% of each sale to her charity.  Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take It’s A Miracle to where I planned due to lack of funding for expansion, however, I do plan on personally donating to Every Mother Counts and raising awareness about the charity via my blog!

Here is her blog:

By: Christy Turlington Burns

I met Samira Atash and her daughter at my local park in New York City last summer. Coincidentally, I had met her mother-in-law in the neighborhood several years earlier. When we met, Samira shared some of her history with me. She had been born in Afghanistan, one of the most dangerous places to give birth in the world, where one in 11 women will die due to complications during pregnancy or childbirth. Today she is a clothing designer, entrepreneur, and supporter of maternal health. We discussed our similar experiences in our travels to Afghanistan since 9/11. I traveled there with The Today Show in January of 2002 as a guest correspondent covering a UNICEF program to reintegrate girls into schools in Kabul after the Taliban had gone.


Falling into Fall

This is my first official fashion post for this blog! It’s that time of the year when the leaves change color, the weather gets nippier and outfits become more layered. This unplanned photo shoot was taken at a barn near a winery at an event FLOW was invited to last week.  The outfit, and the outdoor backdrop, fit together perfectly by chance.

I’m wearing an orange/brown long sleeve print dress under a sleeveless crochet long vest, a vintage gold layered necklace, tights and brown ankle boots. I found these boots at a sample sale in NYC 10 years ago, and I have not let them go. They have a vintage touch that I adore. There is nothing about these boots that will go out of style – at least not for me.

Photos by: Linda Kilbreth Suter

Samira Fall 1

Samira Fall 2

Samira Fall 3

Samira Fall 4

Style Files: July – September ’13

photo (18)
Summer wedding in a blue 40’s meets 80’s vintage dress and side ‘do.

photo (14)
Going retro in a 1960’s vintage gold brocade sheath dress, classic up-do, chandelier earrings, cat eyes and pointy shoes

photo (16)
Brooklyn brunch in voluminous capri jeans and lace top

photo (17)
Mini photo shoot with my little Rumi in Tribeca

photo (15)
Meeting at the Pentagon in a white shirt dress, brown boots, and turquoise bag

Meeting Conan

Last Fall, my sister and I were walking through Georgetown in D.C., when in front of me I saw a tall man with red hair walking towards us. As he approached  closer, I realized who he was and my first reaction was to exclaim, “COOONNNNAAAN O’BRRIIIENN”!  He stopped and we chatted, and found out he was in D.C. for some schmancy event with the President.  I have met many celebs and there are just a few who I can say are down-to-earth without an air of “I’m a celeb” about them, and he is one of them!  I’ve watched Conan’s show since college and his cool nerd humor makes me LOL, and I don’t laugh easily at jokes! I’m happy I have this pic to include in my celeb scrapbook. : )

IPHONE Pics Video Winter 2012_March 2013 235

The Launch of FLOW

On January 7th, 2013, FLOW Blow Dry & Beauty Bar opened it’s doors and what an adventure it has been the past 9 months!  On this blog, I will be sharing my experiences running, and hopefully, expanding FLOW to more locations!

View More:

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Logo Design

Here are just some  of the logos from various projects I was involved in that I designed the branding for:








It's A Miracle_High Resolution Logo





Meeting a Queen

I met Queen Noor a few years ago at an event in NYC. She loved the concept for Beauty and the East TV, an online blog and video series I created and produced as a way to unite cultures through entertainment. She’s so elegant and classy!

Queen Noor


Queen Noor 2


In 2010, I created and produced FUNATICAL, a multicultural comedy show with the aim of uniting cultures through laughter. Here are some pics from the shows:








My Designs

Here are some of my original designs (ready-to-wear and maternity). From 2001-02, I designed evening wear that sold to small boutiques.  In 2003, I launched It’s A Miracle Maternity which was a hit since it came out it right when stylish maternity clothing was becoming popular and in demand.  After traveling to Afghanistan in 2004, I was inspired by the country and re-launched my read-to-wear label as a Silk Road inspired line. In 2005, it was nominated for Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award.  In 2006, I launched “One”, a full collection that was an international hit. It was this line that showed at DC Fashion Week and at the Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner. From 2007-09, I launched “UNITEE”, a line of t-shirts that promoted peace, love & unity through it’s unique “East Meets West” graphics, calligraphy and images. My “Burqa Buddha” design was worn by Project Runway’s Nick Verreos on the red carpet.

In 2009, I took a break from designing to embrace mommyhood, and because I was feeling super burnt out by the fashion industry. I haven’t launched new collections since becoming busy with other projects in the media & beauty industries, but plan on doing so hopefully soon. Stay tuned!!





Camel Print Dress


34SleeveBlack White BG












brown linen2




Fall 2006 Collection 002


Fall 2006 Collection 094


Chirma Dooz Lasso 1


Fall 2006 Collection 172


Fall 2006 Collection 351


Fall 2006 Collection 057


Pic 18


Samira Finale


Samira Group 2




Mod Top ENL

Style Files: 2006-10

When I was in high school, I kept a style journal. It was a “filofax” type of planner, and I would jot down each outfit I wore every day so that I wouldn’t repeat it for the entire year!  No, my parents weren’t rich nor did I have an extravagant budget for spending. I just knew how to mix and match pieces to make an entirely new looking outfit each day.  This was my hobby.

My style is my own.  I like to mix classic pieces with unique and quirky designs that I find in vintage boutiques and consignment shops.  Unique stitching details, pleats, buttons, seams, embroideries, patterns, prints, cuts & fabrics are what I look for.  It doesn’t have to be a well known designer as long as it speaks to me when I’m shopping, nor do I care if I wear something that is from another season. If I love it, I’ll wear it. The fact is, I don’t dress to impress others.  If an outfit makes me happy, I’m content. Fashion for me has always been a way of expressing myself since I was a child.

Here’s a trip down memory lane. My style files from the years 2006-11. It’s interesting to go back and see some of the outfits I picked. Many I would still wear, but some I’m happy I have given away!


Paris balcony

Mem 9aa

My fashion show finale

LA 3
With designer Nick Verreos in L.A.

Wedding 1


Wedding 2


Premiere 2














Pic 1


Pic 18 2


Samira Edited_edited-1











025 2








057 2


069 2


086 2








Turks 76






IMG_4226 2


IMG_4232 2


IMG_4295a 2










037 a


134 a





Wedding 2


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Sahar d Sahar s a

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BABY 1 - Copy


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